Wyoming LLC Annual Report

Afer you form an LLC in Wyoming, you will need to file an Annual Report each year with the Secretary of State’s office. This is a legal requirement.

How To File a Wyoming Annual Report

There are two ways to file: online or by mail. The Secretary of State encourages online filings, and the truth is that there really is no reason to file a paper report. Online filings are processed immediately, and the online filing system is simple and easy to use.

However you want to file, you begin by visiting the Secretary of State website. You will need to log-in and fill out the simple form. Then you can choose to either print the form and send it in or submit the report digitally.

Annual Report Filing Fee

The majority of Wyoming LLCs will pay only $50. However, the technical calculation for Wyoming’s Annual Report fee is $.0002 per dollar of in-state business assets. Your fee will only be higher than $50 if you have more than $250,000 of in-state assets.

When you file an Annual Report online, you must also pay a convenience fee. The convenience fee is in relation to your Annual Report filing fee:

Annual Report License Tax Fee Online Convenience Fee
$25 to $100 $2
$101 to $250 $5
$251 to $500 $8.95
Above $500 Cannot File Online

Annual Report Deadline

Wyoming Annual Reports must be filed on the first day of the anniversary month of formation. If your LLC was formed on April 25, then your Annual Report due date would be April 1.

Failure to file your Annual Report will result in administrative dissolution within 60 days.

What You Will Need to File Online

  • Secretary of State Filing ID (look your’s up: Wyoming Business Search)
  • Names and Addresses of Officers and Directors (corporations only)
  • Visa or MasterCard